Updates & Protocols

The health and safety of our clients and employees are our
number-one priorities. We’re taking additional precautions and
following the below guidelines, and ask that you do your part to
ensure a safe space for all. Our staff members are happy to
address additional questions or concerns at any time.

Important Updates :

1. Firstly we would like to apologise on possible delays as increased sanitisation between clients, well being and welfare of our valuable clients and staff are of utmost importance. 

2. As a majority of our clients are above 60 yrs old we are astringent in our safety measures therefore we are implementing a no exemptions rule to anyone showing any symptoms.

3. We will be strictly taking everyone's temperatures upon arrival and request that they wash their hands.

4. No extra guests without an appointment shall be permitted to enter.

5. Due to the nature of Covid-19, blankets and doonas are not to be used therefore clients are encouraged to wear/bring socks and we will also have electrical blankets on hand.


Safety Protocols :

Meeting or exceeding all state and federal guidelines for
sanitizing, disinfecting and social distancing
Providing additional training to all employees on sanitation
Requiring that employees wear new protective gear
(including gloves and masks) for each client
Disinfecting treatment products and equipment between
each service
Adjusting appointment windows to ensure extra space
between clients
Providing single-use-only samples or disinfected testers to
our clients

Reschedule your appointment if you’re not feeling well, have
a fever or have been in contact with someone who is sick or
have travelled overseas in the last 14 days
Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds before
beginning your treatment
Wear a mask or face covering when entering and after your


Staff safety protocols:

Display increased sanitation efforts and make sure clients see these new practices in action. What may have once seemed obvious must now be a statement.

Visibly demonstrate your commitment to safety by washing your hands in front of clients before performing services.

Put on a fresh pair of gloves in the treatment room. 

Inform your clients that you’ve sanitized and disinfected all instruments used in their service.

Follow all guidelines and educate.  


Reception & Common Areas

 Computer, eftpos and devices to be wiped every hour and marked on chart

Chairs, Reception Desk, Tables to be sanitised every 2-3 hours and marked on chart

Doors & door handles to be sanitised every hour and marked on chart


Stock & Products

All boxes and retail to be wiped prior to placing in a shopping bag or given to a client or returned to the shelf.

All Professional products to be sanitized and wiped PRIOR to treatment and PRIOR to returning to cupboard or trolley.


Bed & Room Hygiene must be impeccable with lights on bright to show we are diligent

Towels and blankets that are in direct contact with client is only ONE TIME  use

Plastic to be sanitised with viral cleaning between every client

Ensure bed roll is on area to be treated for comfort

All light switches, taps, implements etc to be wiped down and sterilised regularly

Clients recommended to wear a mask where possible

Shoes to remain on or socks and no bare feet on floor at anytime

Full compliance to cleaning standards protocol workplace policy